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Founder of Soirée Noir® Huntsville 

A couple of years ago I went to #OakwoodAlumniWeekend and it was great running into everyone but when Saturday night rolled around I couldn't find anything I wanted to do. I wanted to attend something fly and fun that wasn't the usual.

That's where #SoireeNoirHuntsville was born. I thought of all the people I crossed paths with at @oakwoodu #oakwooduniversity and how far we have all come. At the time I was appearing on @foxnews a lot and battling the gangster, thug and less than narratives in reference to people of color. As always my is to highlight the beauty, power, and strength of our people. I refuse to apologize for our humanity because that is the thread that all colors and creeds share, yet only some are demonized for being complex and multifaceted in expression, experience, and culture. We rock with #mlk and we also bump #nipseyhussle. We rep the red white and blue, but our Presidents black and our Lambo's blue with the matching rims. We operate in the duality of Corporate America and the environments that forged us.

We work hard and when its time to play...we make movies 🎬🎥🎬. That is the essence of @soireenoirhuntsville and other @andellbrownlaw events.


This was just an idea that laid dormant in the back of my mind. Then tragedy struck. I lost a close friend from my #oakwoodexperience and it really hurt me, because it had been far too long since we spent time together. What was ironic was that his funeral brought together so many people I had not seen in years and I was reminded once again of the extent of the community I am privileged to be a part of. I also was reminded that we don't have time to do it later, to reach out later, to tell people we love them and to appreciate them later.

We have to do it now! I thought of my idea to celebrate our collective excellence and bring people together and with only a few months before #oualumniweekend #2018 I reached out to my friends @gabriellecharlesandcopr and @djceeo my partner in whatever needed to be done. They saw the vision, and the rest of the crew @darrylwalkerphotography @djsamsmite stepped up (to be continued)...


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